Black Tie Gift

 Black tie Gift is an online gift catalog for your groomsmen to redeem and select their own gift. The number one modern, convenient way to gift your groomsmen. Simply purchase a gift level that fits your budget and we will do the rest. Your giftee will have their own choice among hundreds of name brand options. 






Black Tie Gift is the perfect way to give your groomsmen something that they are guaranteed to enjoy. Leave the gift selection up to your groomsmen so you can focus on the big day. Purchase the gift selection package that fits your budget and we will take care of the rest.

When you receive a gift you can browse and redeem your selection from our brand name options using

We offer 17 different price levels from $35 to $5,000. The recipient will not know what price level they were given.

After you purchase one of our price levels, you will receive and email confirmation. Your recipient will soon receive a Gift Redemption Number which they can use to redeem their gift online. The gift will then be shipped directly to them for free!

Want to redeem your gift?

You can browse through and redeem our brand name gift options below with your Gift Redemption Number.


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